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A little about us...

From scientists, for all beauty lovers.

We’re always impressed by the different effects unique ingredients provide us. From natural goodness to revitalising ingredients, we believe in carefully curated ingredients that improve YOU.

 Unlike other brands, we don’t believe in limiting our ingredients to simply organic or natural. There are too many powerful, beneficial, and safe ingredients out there! Our process is all about meeting in the middle to embrace balance and safety for your skin. Only feel-good ingredients are on our menus.

Using ingredients that are kind to the skin and safe for wearers is at the top of our priority list. All cosmetics are designed for harmony with the body. We don’t let our users miss out on any benefits.


With us, there’s no need to worry about harmful chemicals. Your skin’s health is our first priority.



Here for your skin 24/7.

The Edible Cosmetics team is formed by a dedicated team of scientists with a background in extraction and investigation of bioactives in plants, fruits, and vegetables, we’re keen on reinventing modern beauty.

We take our scientific expertise and insert full-bodied flavours, beneficial ingredients, and natural extracts into our products. If it doesn’t pass our rigorous testing, it’s not going in the gloss.

Our team has experience in:

Cosmetic formulations from natural and safe ingredients

Extraction and investigation of bioactives from fruit and veggies.

Investigation of environmental stressors on the quality of seed oils.

Study of plant analytes, including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nutritional benefits.

How nutritional contents affect the quality of plants and vegetables.

If we don’t believe in it, we won’t promote it.

Our Skincare Philosophy

Protect People and Planet From Toxic Beauty

We believe that everyone deserves access to personal care and beauty products that are free of cancer-causing and other dangerous chemicals. So, we have taken revitalizing formulas into our own hands by mixing the natural world and powerful, safe ingredients.


Scientifically developed, Clinically proven, high efficacy, premium and safe ingredients in potent dosage to deliver world class formulations


We put a lot of effort on eliminating toxic chemicals that have been related to serious health issues from our products once and for all. No preservatives, no parabens, no artificial flavours, no synthetic dyes, no fragrance.

Real Claims

Our products do what what they claim to do, and they do that. No jargon, no unreal claims, no bad for you ingredients. What you see is what you get, no hidden details.


They Deliver Results. Carefully selected fusion of natural actives & potent safe ingredients bring the best out of your skin to deliver desired results.